Drinking water quality

As of today, the water supplied to consumers from the Dniester WTP complies with current sanitary standards and requirements of SanPiN 2.2.4-171-10 for drinking water.

Before being supplied to Odesa, the water undergoes thorough multi-stage purification and disinfection at the Dniester WTP, where timely replacement of fast filters and equipment modernization are carried out.

However, due to the long distance of consumers from the water intake, the water in Odesa is additionally disinfected at all city pumping stations, which "Infoxvodokanal" was one of the first in Ukraine to switch to a new safe water disinfection technology using sodium hypochlorite. For this, the company invested over 5 million hryvnias in German and Austrian equipment and the highest quality reagents.

The water quality is monitored around the clock by highly qualified specialists of the central chemical-bacteriological laboratory of the "Infoxvodokanal" branch, according to more than 55 indicators in the modernized laboratory on equipment from leading global manufacturers. Additionally, the water quality is checked by the "Odesa Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine." The work of "Infoxvodokanal" on water purification has been inspected by European experts of the international TACIS program and recognized as absolutely reliable.

Drinking Water Quality Indicators in Odesa Water Supply Network as of 06.06.2024

No  Indicator Name Value DSanPiN 2.2.4-171-10 Standard
1 Temperature, degrees ˚C 21.8 not regulated
2 Color, degrees 9 ≤20
3 Turbidity, mg/dm3 0.22 ≤0.58
4 pH (hydrogen indicator), pH units 7.40 6.5-8.5
5 Ammonium, mg/dm3 <0.1 ≤0.5
6 Nitrites, mg/dm3 <0.003 ≤0.5
7 Chlorides, mg/dm3 25.0 ≤250
8 Total hardness, mmol/dm3 1.9 ≤7.0
9 Total alkalinity, mmol/dm3 2.9 not regulated
10 Residual free chlorine, mg/dm3 0.32 0.3-0.5
11 Residual combined chlorine, mg/dm3 0.48 0.8-1.2
12 Oxidizability, mg/dm3 2.20 ≤5.0
13 Dry residue, mg/dm3 335.2 ≤1000
14 Total iron, mg/dm3 <0.1 ≤0.2
15 Total microbial count, CFU/100cm3 2 ≤50
16 Total coliforms, CFU/100cm3 not detected absence
17 E.coli, CFU/100cm3 not detected absence
18 Enterococci, CFU/100cm3 not detected absence
The water complies with DSanPiN 2.2.4-171-10 "Hygienic Requirements for Drinking Water Intended for Human Consumption".
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    Restoration of water supply has begun in Primorsky district of Odessa!

  • Tariffs

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    WARNING! Tariffs will change from June 1, 2024

    Tariffs for centralized water supply and centralized water drainage for consumers of all categories, except for the population, are changing

  • Disconnection

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    Attention, emergency water shutdown in part of the Peresypsky district of Odessa on July 23, 2024!

    On July 23, 2024, from 09:00 to 23:50, the water supply will be cut off

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    Specialists of "Infoksvodokanal" donated blood for defenders of Ukraine

    Blood for the needs of wounded soldiers